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The Blog

For me, transitioning from college to adulthood was hard and I found that I need more hobbies. I decided to start blogging because it checked a lot of boxes for me. It’s a hobby, a form of creative expression, and a way to connect with similar people. The Wandering Key is a blog dedicated to traveling on a budget and personal growth.


The Girl

I’m Kendra, the girl behind the blog. I’m a twenty-something-year-old who, I guess, is an adult (sometimes) living in Chicago. I was born and raised in the western Chicago suburbs and moved into the city after I graduated from college. It had always been a dream of mine to live in Chicago and I love it! (Aside from the very long, VERY cold winters). I think my love for cities started as a little girl since my mom and I frequently visited. Because of my love for cities, I decided to pursue urban planning as a career. Outside of the 9-5 hours in the office, I love traveling to other cities, taking pictures, and trying new food. (In addition to the typical sleeping, binge-watching Netflix, and brunching).


The Cat


Being the proud, crazy cat mom that I am, I had to include a little section about my fur baby too. In 2018 I adopted a little tuxedo cat and named him Sirius Black, Siri for short. I will say my life hasn’t been the same since. He has such a unique and quirky personality and everyone he meets recognizes it. Siri loves making new friends and is extremely vocal. If you love random cat videos, follow me on Instagram because I usually post a lot of pictures and videos of the funny things he does. 😋