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5 Photo Opportunities in Cape Town

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Cape Town, South Africa is one of the best destinations I’ve been to for SO many reasons- the weather, the scenery, the tourist spots to name a few. While South African society is far from perfect, I could not get over how many amazing sceneries there were! I spent a few weeks in Cape Town on a study abroad trip in College. While this post isn’t about my study abroad experiences, I would like to say that the professor who led the trip was from South Africa and knew exactly where to take us for some of the most amazing pictures. The weather when I went in January was FANTASTIC- mid-70s, sunny, and breezy. Which is a dream if you ask me and makes for great photos! If you’re planning a trip to Cape Town, check out these 5 amazing photo opportunities!


Boulders Beach

To start things off, I want to talk about the coolest beach you’ll ever go to. Boulders Beach is famously nicknamed “the penguin beach” because you can swim alongside African penguins!! How cool is that?! Nerd fact: only about 3 out of 17 penguin species live in arctic climates, and the rest all live in warm weather, South Africa being one of them. The beach is operated by a park service that charges around $10 USD for admission. Aside from the penguins, this is a beautiful beach with tons (literally) of boulders to climb around and take pictures on. This is a can’t miss spot if you’re traveling to Cape Town.

Note: The penguins are wild animals and should be treated like such. You can’t touch, pet, or hold them, but feel free to take pictures alongside them! They go on livin’ their penguin lives while humans just so happen to be having a family beach day.

penguin at Boulders Beach Cape Town South Africa

Groot Constantia Historical Wine Estate

Did anyone say wine?! Take some pictures before and after your wine tasting at Groot Constantia located just outside of Cape Town. This historical estate that was established in 1699 is absolutely beautiful!! You can take a long scenic walk through the vineyards or around the property and I guarantee you’ll find at least one place to snap a shot.

Wine barrels at Groot Constantia Winery

Hike Lion’s Head Mountain

Hike part of the city backdrop on the dramatic peak of Lion’s Head Mountain. From the bottom/starting point to the peak of the mountain, it’s about a 1-hour hike, depending on your pace. The trail zig-zags up the mountain and has minor rock climbing components (chains and ladders), which make things a little more exciting. Once you reach the top of the mountain (2,195 feet above sea level) there are spectacular views of central Cape Town, Camps Bay, and the ocean.

Tip: Start your hike just before sunset to catch the transition of the city from day to night.


University of Cape Town

A little background here- The University of Cape Town (UCT) was founded in 1829 and is the oldest higher education institute in the whole country. Upper Campus is a compact area located on the slopes of Devil’s Peak. Like most universities, there is a lot of history behind each building, work of art, and statue. If you aren’t familiar with the Apartheid, reading up on it would be ideal before traveling to South Africa.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

Kirstenbosch is internationally recognized as one of the seven most magnificent botanic gardens in the world. The minute you arrive you’ll totally understand why. It’s situated on the eastern slopes of Table Mountain creating magnificent views from numerous angles. And there are several garden trails that lead up and along the mountain slopes.

Kirstenbosch is over 1,300 acres and grows only indigenous South African species. The estate displays several collections of gardens, permanently features Zimbabwean sculptures, hosts summer concerts in the lawn, and is home to the infamous canopy walk. Outside food is allowed in the park, so this would be a great spot for a picnic too!

No matter where you turn, you can capture an ‘Instagram-worthy’ photo opportunity. My favorite spot was the treetop canopy walk. The wooden walkway sits about 1-story above ground winding through the treetops. The view of the mountains and trees was amazing!


Have you been to Cape Town before? What were some of your favorite places to take pictures?


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