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5 Podcasts to Listen to

I started listening to audiobooks and podcasts within the last few years. I always thought it would be really hard to listen and pay attention to something informative while doing something else. (As opposed to just mindlessly listening to music while you do something). I started listening to podcasts when I was commuting 2.5 hours between home and work every day as a way to pass time. I realized that I really enjoy listening to podcasts because it takes me out of my head for a little bit. I’m also a HUGE fan of crime and drama so naturally, true crime podcasts are my favorite thing to listen to. I added 2 of my favorite true crime podcasts to the list as well. 😉 


5 Podcasts to Listen to | The Wandering Key


Podcasts to Listen to | The Wandering Key | Travel & Personal Growth Blog

Stuff You Should Know- learn something new in under 1 hour

Hosted by HowStuffWorks writers Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant, the Stuff You Should Know (SYSK) podcast started in 2008. Episodes are 20-60 minutes long (usually around 45) released triweekly focused on one new topic every episode. Josh and Chuck decided on a topic beforehand, and independently do research on that topic. Without having previously discussed the topic, they start the podcast teaching listeners all about that topic. They have covered things from crime scene clean up to the supreme court to marijuana. If you like to learn random facts about random topics, this podcast is definitely for you.


Skimm This- daily news summarized in 10 minutes

Podcasts to Listen to | The Wandering Key | Travel & Personal Growth Blog


I am a huge fan of The Skimm, an American media company, and their new daily podcast Skimm This. The Skimm provides a daily newsletter summarizing the latest news in a modern, easy-to-read way. Usually sent out around 5 am, they break down the most important news you need to start your day. If you’d like to subscribe to the amazing newsletter, click here. If you don’t have a few minutes a day to read the recent news, check out their 10-minute podcast they release at 5 pm every weekday summarizing that day’s news. I love this podcast because I can put it on during my walk home from work and feel informed about what’s going on in the news with only the need-to-know facts.


Girls Gotta Eat- Podcasts to Listen to | The Wandering Key | Travel & Personal Growth BlogGirls Gotta Eat- sex & dating comedy


NYC social media influencers and comedians Rayna Greenberg and Ashley Hesseltine cohost the Girls Gotta Eat podcast discussing their hilarious and uncensored dating/sex lives. Each episode has an underlying theme such as “Should You Stop Swiping?”, “How to Lose a Girl in One Date,” and “These Bros Aint Loyal” providing the modern woman’s perspective on so many relationship issues relevant today. I love this podcast because they are SO funny and SO real. I’ve found myself laughing out loud several times an episode at their raunchy and sometimes relatable stories. 11 out of 10 Would recommend this podcast!


(Atlanta) Monster- True Crime


This podcast is hosted by Payne Lindsey an investigative journalist who takes a deeper look into the infamous Atlanta, Georgia child murders from the 70s. If you aren’t familiar with this story, I won’t spoil anything, but 25 [child] victims were kidnapped and murdered in Atlanta between 1979 and 1981. Through the 10 episodes, you’ll learn more about this true story, hear from families of the victims, and detectives who worked the case.

Atlanta Monster- Podcasts to Listen to | The Wandering Key | Travel & Personal Growth Blog


Season 2 retitled, Monster: The Zodiac Killer, details the facts of the infamous Zodiac killer from the 60s and 70s. If true crime and investigative journalism is your thing, I highly recommend both seasons of this podcast.


Serial- True Crime


Season 1 of Serial tells the story of Adnan Syed, a man who was convicted of murdering his girlfriend while they were both in high school. Season 1 came out in 2014 and Serial - Podcasts to Listen to | The Wandering Key | Travel & Personal Growth Blog

since then an HBO series and a book have also come out with details from this story. Despite it being a few years old, I think the storytelling is great and really sucks you in. Each episode kept me wanting to hear more! (Is binge-listening to podcasts a thing?? It should be.) Season 1 features 12 episodes each about 1 hour long. If you like true crime, give this podcast a listen.



I’d love to know what you think of these podcasts. Comment your reviews or podcasts suggestions!



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